Amazing Photo Letters: Blog en-us (C) Amazing Photo Letters (Amazing Photo Letters) Tue, 02 Dec 2014 14:48:00 GMT Tue, 02 Dec 2014 14:48:00 GMT Amazing Photo Letters: Blog 120 120 2014 Creating Instructions Happy Thanksgiving - May you and your Family and associates be Blessed.

Christmas seems early and approaching FAST.

TIME is running out to order a custom word with my photo letter art collection. 

I need orders in by no later than December 10th to arrive by Christmas or to arrange pick-up or delivery. 

Please create your words for the Holiday quickly folks.

It is always BEST to call me with your intention first, so we can expedite the process. 410-967-5096

HOW to CREATE on zenfolio site:

Sign in, share your address and phone number as well for easy ordering.
Go to TAB All my Photos.
Check mark the heart on ALL the possibilities of each lettered image you like.All your choices are  accumulated into a favorites folder at top left of page. SAVE FAVORITES FOLDER, NAME folder. Go Inside folder to move images around to CREATE word.
To MOVE IMAGES inside folder- right click and hold mouse to move images into the top row for creating your word.
Remember, trick your brain by selecting the first one that you want to TRY FIRST, then see how those first choices work. If that is good, your done!!! You know: YOU could spend all day creating different versions, and go ahead, if you have time, but sometimes, that just gets you stuck and in the mud!!
Once you finalize your creation, GO TO SEND to photographer  to send a copy of your creation with your Phone number, so I can call for payment and verification.
OR GO TO Send to FRIEND, copy and send me the link for full access in a privater email to or and I will call you for verification and payment. If you do not hear from me in one day, call me ASAP. 

Thank you for considering buying a creation from my amazing photo letters. 

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ORDER BY MONDAY, receive $1.00 OFF per letter for a FIRST word and UP,

PLUS $5.00 OFF Shippiing of minimum $20.00 shipping.


PLEASE ORDER ASAP.  I need time to pull letters, frame them, box them, and ship them, in between setting up my Mall Cart which starts Dec 7th in Westminster Maryland!!


YOU may order later for the holiday, but it may take me up to a few days to get the shipment out,


Thanks!! Happy Holidays, May you Be Blessed and Happy and Well.

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IDEAS for HOLIDAY GIFTS with Amazing Photo Letters This artform is not suppose to be a literal form, but CAN be.  I recommmend allowing the essence of the letter (photo) represent the flavor of the word, person or team or place.  The Possibilities of words are endless folks, but here are some promptiing IDEAS.


For the Sports Fan:Favorite Team: Ravens, Steelers, Redskins, Vikings, Yankees, Orioles, Boston, Bears,

Create the word Hockey (we have images for that), OR Baseball, or SPORTS

Golf, Fish, Boating ( I have lots of images that evoke the literal or flavor of the sport)

GIRLS: Cheer, Ballet, Dance and all of the above as well.

KITCHEN IDEAS:  (LOVE)crabs, SPICE, WINE, BEER, Cake, Bake, Cook, Chef, Veggies,  Coffe, Tea, chop, saute, pasta, smoothie, cocktails, martini, popcorn, cucina, snack, yummy, enjoy, chocolate, ice cream, name your fav fruit, veggie, or spice like Oregano, Olive Oil, Apples, etc

BATHROOM IDEAS: FLUSH, POOP (hehe) Relax, Bath(e) , Paris, Italy, Beach, Breathe, Bubbles, etc

Living room/Family room:  Team name, family name, family, initials, love, peace, joy, faith,any word that represents things you love like, cabin, lake, beach, travel, party, movies; GREETINGS: Namaste, Welcome, Failte or Slaite (Irish), Lustig (german) Aloha; Garden, Lake, Cabin, Flowers, Trees. Possibilities are endless!!

BEDROOM: any word, especially relax, love, inspire, imagination, names, initials with a heart, themed words, inspirational words, love words like INTIMACY, passion, desire, sex, OR sleep, rest, snore, OR words that inspire like Brave, Strong, Peace, Faith, JOY, Imagine,

Kids rooms: Names, or things they like, such as Trains, Gators, Dance, Cheer, Dolls, Toys, Dream, Sports, Golf...


I will add to this as I go along.



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PRICING of Letters, Frames The frame I offer was created by my associate in the business.

It is ONE PIECE, and we call it a floating frame: It is a custom frame developed specifically for this retail concept, for the art-form, so everyone can afford the art for the wall, PLUS it POPS the word OUT from the wall, deliberatly showcasing the word.  This frame has been copied by new-comers jumping on board the concept.  However, ours has ONE BAR on the back...thicker and cleaner than those with double bars.  We also use 4 clips for security. It has a smaller footprint for the wall, and looks fabulous between various photos on the wall, such as family name or family word between all family photos. OR place a word liike WELCOME or Namaste in the door jam area above a doorway and ceiling. I also have lots of customers who have shown me ways they have displayed the art framed on the wall.  See the show shots section for examples.

Photos are $5.00 each with a discount for multiple words.

I usually offer the photos framed ONLY, so no one has to go searching for a frame and spend a foortune.

I can offer photos alone, please know what you are going to do with them, before buying!! 

However, they are copyright protected, and are not allowed to be copied.

Photos come with the frame as a complete creation for $10.00 per letter,

OR $9.00 per letter if you buy multiple words.

BUT, I like to show the breakdown of how inexpensive the frame is:


The Frame is Low cost...deliberately

It is one piece...a frame, not individual pieces.

It foits with every decor, and in smaller spaces.

It pops from the wall 3D.


3 letter frame - $15.00, with photos: $30.00

4 letter frame  - $20.00, with photos: $40.00

5 letter frame - $25.00

6 letter frame - $30.00

7 letter frame - $35.00

8 letter frame - $40.00

9 letter frame- $45.00

10 letter frame  - $90.00(2 frames placed side by side togeher on the wall)

(discount for long double frames words -$1.00 off per space)

and UP...11 letter, 12 letter, 13 letter, 14 letter, etc etc


I also Offer traditional Frames form two sources at a discount.

$20.00 per letter in a custom black wood frame, with either black mat or white mat.


Shipping is $20.00 minimum.

Let me know what you would prefer, and we can discuss options.

Have a great day folks! Thanks for your Appreciation and Order!


Sabrina, Amazing Photo Letters


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