Amazing Photo Letters | About
Hi, Sabrina Walters here with Amazing Photo Letters.

I truly am honored to offer you a wide variety of photographic letters of the alphabet to create a unique family heirloom name, or inspirational word, or favorite team, or funny word that brings laughter, love and creativity
to your home, office, or loved ones heart.

I offer 4x6 Black and white only photographs Because I am a color expert, and feel color distracts the mind from the amazement of this artform and does not showcase the word!! I love words and typography. I have a Masters Degree in business and art, creative writing and graphic design. YES, most of the images have been found. Y ES, I am the photographer and carry a selection from 3 other amazing alphabet photographers. WE are the best in the world, I am told, and I agree. I was born a creative being...singing, dancing, making up stories and songs, writing, painting, sewing, and many other creative endeavors. I have both sides of my brian working equally. YES, I see photo letters most of the time when my mind is relaxed, like when I am driving. Otherwise, I take deliberate time to find photo letters in my surroundings when I travel and enjoy life.

I do not do this just for money. Although, I DO try to make my living from this retail artform concept. I prefer you create a word that has meaning and can be a conversation piece, and heirloom piece, and truly can be read for its meaning and texture and personality and CLEARLY represents you or the person you are gifting to. My Photographs are all about reflecting people's personality and interests. Like any art-form, I encourage everyone to take a few moments to get a FEEL for the word you intend to create or the person you are gifting this to, and let the personality of the person SHINE in the word.

t is best to align with me before creating your word, get some artistic feedback from me first, So call or email with your word ideas, or gifitng ideas. I want this to be your creation, but I hope it will be from your creative center, not from your head. THAT is truly what I offer, education, awareness training, besides a truly remarkable collection to create with.

You must call me to make a payment. I do not want to use paypal. I pay for CC machine, and prefer to use it, for now anyway. I do not feel it works to make this an anonymous buying experience!

I look forward to helping you create the most dynamic word you could possibly create! Cheers!!
I also have a facebook page, feel free to coinnect with me there. Plus a Google account, at